The PACE project is a collaboration between Tusk Trust and Siren Conservation Education. It was produced by Charles Mayhew MBE, Sarah Watson, Dr. Sasha Norris and Nancy Gladstone with funding from the Vodafone Group Foundation.

Tusk Trust
To promote the protection of wildlife and habitats in Africa through sustainable community development, education, responsible tourism, and wildlife research.

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Siren Conservation Education sounds the alarm about the state of the planet, working to inspire people to care for and protect the natural world.

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Africa Our Home

Devised and written by Dr. Sasha Norris
Researched and co-written by Nancy Gladstone
Illustrated by Godfrey Semwaiko (
Additional research by Alexandra Pollitt, James Scipioni, Jenny Sharman and Sarah Watson
Design by Tony Riggs
Production by Iceberg Marketing plc

PACE Films

Directed by Miriam Lyons, Jenny Sharman and Fonny Lane
Produced by Sarah Watson
Camera by Scott Drummond and Richard Jones
Sound by Tony Bensusan, Ashley Waring and Nick Bullock
Edit by Max McGonigal
Sound mixing by Richard Evans
Equipment and edit suite supplied by the Creation Company
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