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Feel free to give us feedback on the PACE materials.
From ReplyPosted 27/02/2007

    Suggest corrections

    If you have noticed any errors in either the website or any of the associated downloads please let us know.
    From ReplyPosted 27/02/2007

      Where to find more educational materials

      You can find more educational materials....
      From ReplyPosted 27/02/2007

        Suggest new topics for Action Sheets

        We would love to hear your ideas for new topics for our Action Sheets.
        From ReplyPosted 27/02/2007

          Submit new Action Sheets

          If you wish to submit a new Action Sheet....
          From ReplyPosted 27/02/2007

            Translations and local adaptations

            If you require a translation of any of the PACE Action Sheets please contact us with your requirements.
            From ReplyPosted 27/02/2007

              Outside Africa? Using PACE in Global Citizenship Education

              Some information about using PACE in Global Citizenship Education...
              From ReplyPosted 27/02/2007

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