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The Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association was founded by award winning Rwandan conservationist Olivier Nsengimana. Olivier is a Doctor in Veterinary medicine, who started his conservation career working with gorillas, but set up RWCA when he saw that Rwanda’s iconic and desperately threatened Grey Crowned Cranes were in real danger of extinction.  The cranes are a national symbol, threatened by habitat loss, and from collectors poaching the birds for people to keep as prestigious display birds. Cranes do not breed in captivity.

RWCA has achieved remarkable success raising awareness of the legal and conservation status of cranes; identifying, registering and rehabilitating captive cranes and working with local communities around key areas to reduce poaching and trade. They have developed environmental clubs for children, launched media campaigns and worked closely with government to fight the illegal trade in these beautiful birds.  With funding from TUSK they have increased the number of youth environmental clubs that they run and last month provided training for the mentors who run new clubs around Rugezi Marsh and Akagera National Park. 

We are excited that they chose to train on use of PACE materials. “The mentors were really inspired and will be taking the PACE packs back to their clubs, will be introducing the young people to PACE and start implementing some of the activities and ideas in the packs with the 650 youngsters in these groups.”

You can read more about The Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association on their website  and at


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