Pan African Conservation Education Project

PACE Packs

A PACE PACK contains:

  • The PACE FILMS on VHS or DVD for schools, environmental education centres and community based organisations
  • AFRICA, OUR HOME a beautiful illustrated book for children, teachers and leaders, including environmental education activities on each topic
  • 80 ACTION SHEETS ON CD for teachers and community-based organisations, with more environmental education activities and details of practical techniques featured in the films
  • The PACE DIRECTORY – Sources of further information


Click here to download PACE Action Sheets.


Click on individual titles to watch PACE films :

Living with Wildlife       -    Wildlife, an introduction

                                    -    Chilli pepper as an Elephant Deterent

                                    -    Ecotourism

Water                          -    Ecosan toilets

                        -  Safe water

Soil                             -    Green manure

                                   -    Permaculture

Forests                       -    Forests and trees

Energy                        -    Biogas

                                   -    Fuel efficient cook stoves

Urban Living               -    Urban Greening

                                   -    Recycling rubbish

                                   -    Recycling plastic



In Africa? Contact for information on availability of PACE packs in your country. Can your organisation help distribute these materials? The PACE project is always looking for partnerships and funding opportunities that will help us share this information more widely. Get in touch and read PACE news on our facebook page.

Outside Africa, the PACE materials can be used for Global Citizenship Education and to support international partnerships with schools in Africa. Find out more...

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