About PACE

PACE provides, ideas, information and training.

PACE (Pan African Conservation Education) shares simple ideas, information and training. PACE helps people live well and sustainably alongside the wildlife and ecosystems we all depend on.

In 2021…

  • PACE reached more than 1000 new schools and 2400 new communities.

  • 200,000 new people were using PACE

  • 16,700 people were trained using PACE.

  • 4000 sets of resources provided to partners in 13 countries, including hundreds of usb sticks containing digital content.

  • More than 11,000 people were using PACE to inform practical actions.

PACE hosts virtual field visits and webinars for students and educators across Africa, and provides cutting edge educational resources free of charge, both digitally and in print. PACE resources are used for all ages, urban and rural, across Africa. They are used by teachers, youth leaders, farmers, wildlife rangers, community development workers, and just for reading at home.

Our resources are used by individual teachers, education authorities and universities and are arranged in modules: Living with wildlife, Water, Soil, Trees, Energy, Urban living, Living by the ocean, Health and Careers in Conservation.

Created by Tusk and Siren Conservation Education, our Pan African Conservation Education progamme (PACE) is all about sharing simple ideas to make big changes. PACE supports conservation and sustainability education, providing ideas, information and training for teachers and learners across Africa.


PACE was created by Tusk and Siren Conservation Education.