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Mokolodi Nature Reserve Education Centre working with local schools and communities

Mokolodi Nature Reserve Education Centre were excited to receive a consignment of new PACE educational material a few months ago. The new PACE sets were introduced and distributed to Kgabosetso Primary School, one of ten schools selected by the Mokolodi Education Centre for the schools Environmental Clubs Project. The teachers showed great interest and enthusiasm in receiving the materials and expressed that they would enjoy using them in their classroom teaching. The School's Environmental Club has already utilised some ideas from [...]

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Zimbabwe, Schools and Communities working together for conservation.

Selected teachers and Headmasters of four schools (Tagwireyi, Sebakwe and Gutsaruzhinji Primary and Rhino Secondary school) came together at Sebakwe Conservation Education Centre in the Midlands of Zimbabwe 31st May. The schools are all involved in SCEC’s work to reduce conflict and promote sustainable relationships between local communities, wildlife and natural resources in the area.   Palloma Pachiti lead facilitator reports that - We started by exploring an important question, What is the purpose of education? Most participants came to agree [...]

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PACE supporting technical education in rural Cameroon

Family Farm schools in North West Cameroon are run by the Education dept of the Catholic Church, providing post-primary, technical focused education. The trainees come from rural areas, and set up projects, usually agriculture based, which if successful, they continue as businesses after graduating. “Over 95% of the population in this region are farmers, mostly subsistence level. In most areas here, issues that should be of environmental concern are either accepted as the norm or go unnoticed due to ignorance. In [...]

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Seseme Girls Secondary School in Kisoro, Uganda.

Members of the Wildlife Club at Seseme Girls Secondary School in Kisoro, Uganda (right) have had a series of four PACE workshops over recent months. They were organised and led by Denis Agaba, the local PACE Champion who works with the Wildlife Clubs of Uganda and the Gorilla Organisation. Denis has covered a range of topics and activities and wanted to share the girl’s feedback. Some extracts below ….. IRANKUNDA MARION explained that   “Seseme Girls S.S. Wildlife club is a group [...]

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Reduce, reuse, recycle – Mokolodi and Botswana leading the way.

Waste management is a key part of the Conservation and Sustainability Education delivered day in and day out by the education team at Mokolodi Nature Reserve. The Mokolodi Education Centre receives an average of 10,000 young learners every year. Highlighting the importance of managing plastic and other waste sustainably is one of their priorities - waste management is critical for the reserve, the communities of Botswana it serves as well as the global environment. Plastic, glass and tins left in the [...]

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Building skills for gardening and food security at Mokolodi in Botswana

Mokolodi education centre recently engaged visiting students from Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN) to help develop their walled garden as a teaching and learning facility for visiting school groups. The students from BUAN environmental education club joined a food security discussion and then a practical session, pictured above on Saturday 27th January when they worked alongside Mokolodi’s education team to clear and prepare the Centre’s walled garden, previously a permaculture site, so that it can be used by [...]

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Goliath frog, Conraua goliath

PACE students at the Collège Evangelique de Nkongsamba - in the shadow of the Manengouba Mountains in Cameroon learned about  Wildlife and Living alongside Wildlife last week. Led by geography teacher Laure Diffomene students watched two PACE films about Living with Wildlife, they read sections of the PACE book, L’Afrique Notre Habitat and then discussed what they'd learned and how it linked to what they knew before.  They talked about some of the local wildlife that is considered particularly important in [...]

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Getting resources to users.

Nearly two tonnes of the 2017 edition of our PACE pack were shared with partners across Africa last month.   Copies of the PACE films, action sheets, posters, educator guide and the reader ‘Africa our Home’ (produced with funding from TUSK), were received in Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana. Huge thanks to DHL for fantastic logistical support. Sixteen different consignments were delivered, to some seriously remote destinations with the same efficiency as to urban addresses. [...]

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Addressing Human:Wildlife conflict at Sebakwe Conservation Education Centre, Zimbabwe.

Last year we wrote about School Educational Camps at SCEC - the camps are one stage in the Centre’s approach to sustained Conservation Education. SCEC is working to address conflicts that exist between the natural habitat, wildlife and rural communities in the Midlands area of Zimbabwe.  Despite many years of conservation interventions Human-wildlife conflicts persist here and communities still have 'disjointed and conflicting perspectives regarding how they can enjoy and benefit from conservation of the natural resources around them.' Income-generating initiatives [...]

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PACE in Ghana

http://www.greenerimpact.orghttp://www.greenerimpact.orghttp://www.greenerimpact.orghttp://www.greenimpact.orghttp://www.greenerimpact.orghttp://www.greenerimpact.orghttp://www.greenerimpact.orgOur partner Green Impact International has been working with the Environmental Protection Agency to promote integration of environmental education into teaching and learning in Ghana's schools.  We are pleased that they chose the PACE pack as one of their resources to help teachers integrate topics such as climate change, waste management and sustainable energy. Teachers are trained on use of the PACE package, and how it can be used to support environmental education and basic education in school situations.  Many teachers [...]

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