Helping communities tackle Human : Elephant conflict in SW Chad

  Human - elephant conflict has become a big problem in south west Chad. As climate and habitats change, and human populations increase, the boundaries between space for elephants and space for people are breaking down. Elephant have fewer places where they can feel safe, and people are losing their means of subsistence, some are losing their lives.     When Environnement Sahel, a Chadian NGO, visited communities in the Province of Logone Occidental in November reports from different villages included: [...]

Why education on human:wildlife conflict?

In August we posted a story about on-going conflict between elephants and farmers in northern Cameroon.  Mayo Abakar, a student at Garoua Wildlife School wrote to PACE about a conflict that had developed in his village of Chawé, near Lake Chad.  A conflict that he described as threatening a group of ‘it seems about nine’ elephants that had moved close to the village, and the local villagers. Chawe (marked on the map, right) is in the district of Blangoua, department of [...]

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Elephants in Logone and Chari

Mayo Abakar is from Logone and Chari, near Lake Chad in the Far North of Cameroon, between Goulfey and Blangoua.  He is a student at the Wildlife School in Garoua and in April this year attended a PACE lecture presented by our Coordinator during her visit to the area.  The lecture focused on how PACE can be used to address human : wildlife conflict. The Director of the school had emphasised with great concern that this is a huge challenge in [...]

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