Addressing Human:Wildlife conflict at Sebakwe Conservation Education Centre, Zimbabwe.

Last year we wrote about School Educational Camps at SCEC - the camps are one stage in the Centre’s approach to sustained Conservation Education. SCEC is working to address conflicts that exist between the natural habitat, wildlife and rural communities in the Midlands area of Zimbabwe.  Despite many years of conservation interventions Human-wildlife conflicts persist here and communities still have 'disjointed and conflicting perspectives regarding how they can enjoy and benefit from conservation of the natural resources around them.' Income-generating initiatives [...]

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Mokolodi Education Centre – engaging the next generation, in Botswana.

Mokolodi Nature Reserve is 15 km from Gaborone - thirty square kilometres of beautiful Botswana countryside that provides a home to free living giraffe, rhino, kudu, bushbuck, water buck, zebra, warthog, leopard, crocodile, baboon and many more species as well as hyena and cheetah in spacious enclosures, and various rescued birds, primates and reptiles in sanctuary space. Education is ‘at the core’ of Mokolodi. The land was donated into a non-profit Trust in 1994 ‘for the children of Botswana - a [...]

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Good news from Kariba REDD+ project, Zimbabwe

The Kariba REDD+ Project held a PACE inception meeting on November 9th, at Mola Primary School in the Zambezi Valley, northern Zimbabwe. The meeting was attended by key local stakeholders. They were given PACE educational materials and explanations on how these can be used to support teaching and learning in schools and community development in the area. The participants asked for time to examine the materials in detail, at their leisure and to meet again in three weeks, to develop a [...]

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PACE supporting REDD

PACE is very excited to be working with The Kariba REDD+ Project in north west Zimbabwe, as they set up school based conservation and sustainability education in rural communities that have suffered heavily from deforestation, poverty and drought. The PACE materials provide a rich and pertinent toolkit for teachers and learners who are grappling with very real conservation and environmental challenges on a day-to-day basis as well as in their curriculum topics. Kariba REDD+ is spread over nearly 800,000 hectares of [...]

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PACE brings tangible improvements for people in and around protected areas

The EEASA (Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa) conference 2017 was in Maun, Botswana, last month. This year the conference focused on - Enhancing Quality Education through Environment and Sustainability Education in Southern Africa. The PACE presentation addressed a sub-theme on ‘Sustainability Education in Communities working with ESE to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.’ Our title was Practical Conservation focused Sustainability Education in communities in and around national parks and conservancies achieving tangible improvements to people’s lives, habitats and ‘life on [...]

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National investment in Conservation Education

Wildlife Clubs of Uganda reactivating School Wildlife clubs across UGANDA Over the last year the Ugandan Ministry of Wildlife, Tourism and Antiquities with the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre provided funds to reactivate the Wildlife Clubs of Uganda in districts where they had subsided, and also to further empower Clubs that had remained active.  The funding was used for nation-wide out-reach - education talks were given to the students and teachers in school assemblies and signboards were [...]

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PACE reaching a next generation of conservationists in Zimbabwe

Palloma Pachiti, Manager of Sebakwe Conservation Education Centre (SCEC) in Zimbabwe writes about A SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY FOR RHINO SECONDARY SCHOOL, in the Midlands of Zimbabwe. Over the years SCEC has sponsored and hosted conservation education camps for local rhino schools. The Centre has dormitories, classrooms, learning facilities and expert conservation educators.  Schools come to SCEC to learn more about the environment and wildlife, including about the small population of Rhinos that is living close-by.  The youngsters learn how they and their [...]

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