‘PERMACULTURE’ providing for our families, protecting nature.

Our lockdown VOCAB for this week is 'PERMACULTURE' Now that schools and jobsites are closed and sources of income drying up, people across Africa are looking for ways to feed their families, some in desperation.  Those of you turning to your farms, vegetable gardens and orchards, any space and way to produce food, this post is especially for you. Permaculture is a way to grow more food for less – less cost, less space and less work. Permaculture works in the [...]

Building skills for gardening and food security at Mokolodi in Botswana

Mokolodi education centre recently engaged visiting students from Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN) to help develop their walled garden as a teaching and learning facility for visiting school groups. The students from BUAN environmental education club joined a food security discussion and then a practical session, pictured above on Saturday 27th January when they worked alongside Mokolodi’s education team to clear and prepare the Centre’s walled garden, previously a permaculture site, so that it can be used by [...]

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PACE resources to support small scale Tree planting

Tree planting is more important today than ever before – to combat climate change, habitat loss and land degradation, to control flooding and erosion, to provide shade, sustenance, fertile soils, fuel, income, shelter and a refuge for humans and wildlife. We all depend on trees, yet deforestation remains a global problem. PACE (Pan African Conservation Education) continues to encourage and support tree planting and sustainable use of trees and forests. Planting and nurturing trees is a fantastic way to involve and [...]

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