Vertical Conservation Agriculture at Ntalabany Primary School in Kenya.

Ntalabany primary school is located in the Leparua Community Conservancy in northern Kenya. It works with the Lewa Schools programme. The Conservation and Agriculture Club at Ntalabany wanted to practice Conservation Agriculture (see PACE Action Sheet 30), but met a number of constraints -  the school compound is covered with sandy soil and rocks and there is a limited source of water. They had limited resources, and also  most of the land around the school is open to grazing animals as [...]

‘PERMACULTURE’ providing for our families, protecting nature.

Our lockdown VOCAB for this week is 'PERMACULTURE' Now that schools and jobsites are closed and sources of income drying up, people across Africa are looking for ways to feed their families, some in desperation.  Those of you turning to your farms, vegetable gardens and orchards, any space and way to produce food, this post is especially for you. Permaculture is a way to grow more food for less – less cost, less space and less work. Permaculture works in the [...]

Thanks to DHL – delivering conservation education materials to teachers on the ground.

Huge thanks to DHL for their ongoing support getting PACE educational materials to hardworking teachers and conservation projects across Africa - nearly 90kg of PACE packs were delivered to partners in Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe in the last week. Laure Diffomene, one of the recipients in Cameroon works with UNAFAS and the EEC, she is a geography teacher in the western highlands of Cameroon. Laure is based in Nkongsamba, at the foot of the volcanic Mount Manengouba. Rainforest on the [...]

Environment & Sustainability Education, Nkambe Cameroon

Following their recent week long course on 'Eco-farming' teachers at the Family Farm School in Nkambe made a great video about the issues covered and work they did. Banboye Fred, our PACE Champion, who designed and facilitated the course for the school authorities sent these notes when he forwarded the film - Greetings! Hope you enjoy this!  These are the kind of guys i really love to work with, not the dormant ones. This was a real and very first practical [...]

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Investing in Conservation Farming – Family Farm Schools

Early in June we wrote about the Family Farm Schools in Cameroon and their interest in PACE solutions*.   The Family Farm Schools are located in the grasslands of Cameroon's North West Region. They are run by the Diocese of Kumbo and provide secondary level technical education, with a focus on agricultural knowledge and skills that will enable local youths to improve their standards of living. The Diocese and their partners IECD recently organised a week long course on Agro-ecology for twelve [...]

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PACE supporting technical education in rural Cameroon

Family Farm schools in North West Cameroon are run by the Education dept of the Catholic Church, providing post-primary, technical focused education. The trainees come from rural areas, and set up projects, usually agriculture based, which if successful, they continue as businesses after graduating. “Over 95% of the population in this region are farmers, mostly subsistence level. In most areas here, issues that should be of environmental concern are either accepted as the norm or go unnoticed due to ignorance. In [...]

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Seseme Girls Secondary School in Kisoro, Uganda.

Members of the Wildlife Club at Seseme Girls Secondary School in Kisoro, Uganda (right) have had a series of four PACE workshops over recent months. They were organised and led by Denis Agaba, the local PACE Champion who works with the Wildlife Clubs of Uganda and the Gorilla Organisation. Denis has covered a range of topics and activities and wanted to share the girl’s feedback. Some extracts below ….. IRANKUNDA MARION explained that   “Seseme Girls S.S. Wildlife club is a group [...]

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PACE, a tool for geography teachers. Nkongsamba 2017

Laure Diffomene is a geography teacher and PACE Champion in the West Region of Cameroon.  Her school is located at the foot of the volcanic Manengouba Mountains. The mountains produce fertile soil, coffee and vegetable crops do well. But demand for farmland is cutting away at the natural vegetation and ecosystems. The natural rain forest here provides home to the now rare Drill (Mandrillus leucophaeus), the Goliath Frog (Conraua goliath) that is the world’s largest frog reaching up to 3.2 kg [...]

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Why education on human:wildlife conflict?

In August we posted a story about on-going conflict between elephants and farmers in northern Cameroon.  Mayo Abakar, a student at Garoua Wildlife School wrote to PACE about a conflict that had developed in his village of Chawé, near Lake Chad.  A conflict that he described as threatening a group of ‘it seems about nine’ elephants that had moved close to the village, and the local villagers. Chawe (marked on the map, right) is in the district of Blangoua, department of [...]

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Elephants in Logone and Chari

Mayo Abakar is from Logone and Chari, near Lake Chad in the Far North of Cameroon, between Goulfey and Blangoua.  He is a student at the Wildlife School in Garoua and in April this year attended a PACE lecture presented by our Coordinator during her visit to the area.  The lecture focused on how PACE can be used to address human : wildlife conflict. The Director of the school had emphasised with great concern that this is a huge challenge in [...]

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