Climate Smart Agriculture

  Climate Smart agriculture, also called Conservation farming is a no till approach.  No plough is used to till the soil.  The lack of tilling maintains soil particle size meaning that more water can infiltrate deeper.  This, with the extra organic matter added to the soil makes farms more resistant to drought, and also to erosion. Soils contain carbon dioxide and extensive ploughing or hand-tilling releases all this carbon dioxide into the atmosphere increasing greenhouse gas emissions. In ‘Conservation Farming’ permanent [...]

Mokolodi Nature Reserve Education Centre working with local schools and communities

Mokolodi Nature Reserve Education Centre were excited to receive a consignment of new PACE educational material a few months ago. The new PACE sets were introduced and distributed to Kgabosetso Primary School, one of ten schools selected by the Mokolodi Education Centre for the schools Environmental Clubs Project. The teachers showed great interest and enthusiasm in receiving the materials and expressed that they would enjoy using them in their classroom teaching. The School's Environmental Club has already utilised some ideas from [...]

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