Painted dogs are very social, caring, family focused creatures that present no danger to people. Sadly, they are much misunderstood, and often, this is especially so in areas where they live.  As a result Painted dogs suffer unnecessarily at the hands of human beings. We are determined to help change this trend.

The general lack of knowledge about Painted dogs was brought home last year, when during a PACE webinar on the species, participants questions and comments revealed how little was known about them.  So we teamed up with the webinar speaker, Jo Taylor from Karingani in Mozambique, and her colleagues on the Wild Dog Advisory group, to produce a resource that we could add to the PACE Living with Wildlife module.

It is a general introduction to Painted dogs, twenty eight A4 pages, illustrated with fantastic photos from Jo and her colleagues, and watercolour paintings  by Makayla Stoliker.  Designed for school and community use, it is available in print or digital, in English and Portuguese. Our hope is that this new resource will raise awareness, help people better appreciate, respect, enjoy, and know how to avoid conflict with this unique and most delightful species of African wildlife.

We must not allow our Painted dogs to disappear! When people come to know and understand them, they live peacefully alongside each other in the same area. If you are working in schools or conservation and would like printed copies of the PACE Painted dog resource please contact

The Portuguese edition can be downloaded here, and the English edition here.