PACE materials are attractive and exceptionally rich. Content is arranged in modules:

Living with Wildlife, Water, Soil, Forests, Energy, Living by the Ocean, Urban Living, Careers and Conservation

  • There are 32 short films about inspiring grass roots projects.
  • 80 action sheets offer experiments and activities to investigate the techniques and topics covered.
  • A bright, durable, and beautifully illustrated reader, Africa our Home, written by Dr Sasha Norris, contains background information and context including statistics, poetry, traditional wisdom, scientific learning, conundrums and games.
  • An educator’s guide links content to curriculum topics and offers pedagogic advice and help on adapting to local contexts and current education frameworks and expectations.
  • A colourful poster.

PACE helps users link theory and practical, classroom and everyday experiences, supporting cross-curricular competency and place-based teaching and learning. PACE is widely used by school clubs and for project work.

Educators working with youth, faith and other community groups in rural and urban settings use PACE to provide ideas and guidance for income generation, maintaining and improving soil, woodland, water and waste management, and other ways to improve the well-being of people and the natural world around them.

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Explore the PACE topics below to view samples of the PACE topic materials.

PACE Africa Our Home Front Cover