This topic contains information on the importance of water, ways to collect and conserve it, and to keep water supplies safe.This topic looks at the hows and whys of living with wildlife.

Water is the single most valuable resource we have. We all depend on it for drinking, growing and cooking food, and keeping clean. We know when we have a problem with water – when we have to fetch it from far away, when we must carry heavy containers long distances, when there is not enough to go around, or when it is dirty and unsafe to drink.

Large areas of Africa receive little rainfall for much of the year, so even though Africa covers 20% of the world’s land area, it only has 9% of global freshwater resources. Most Africans use only a fraction of the water available each day to people in industrialised countries. Finding ways to conserve and manage the water that is available is vitally important.

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Harvesting Water at Home

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Water – Index of Resources

Topic Content

  • The Water Cycle.
    Where does water come from?
  • Fair Water Use
  • Water Shortage (and why does it rain where it rains?)
  • Getting water to your home: The Solutions
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Dirty Water: Industrial Pollution
  • Dirty Water: The Risk of Disease
  • How Diseases are spread through Water
  • Making Water Safe
  • Water for Wildlife
  • Dams
  • Activities


  • Introduction
  • A Community Spring
  • Making Water Safe to Drink
  • Harvesting Water at Home
  • Machakos Rural Development Programme
  • Harvesting Water on the Farm
  • Ecosan Toilets

Action Sheets

  • Water for Life
  • Health Problems from a Lack of Water
  • Health Problems from Unsafe Water
  • Developing a Plan for Community Water Security
  • Roofwater Harvesting
  • Runoff Water Harvesting
  • Rock Catchment Rainwater Harvesting
  • Getting Groundwater – Safer Wells and Waterholes
  • Subsurface Dams
  • Useful Water Pumps
  • Spring Protection
  • Safe Water Transport and Storage
  • Ferrocement Tanks
  • Brick Tanks for Roofwater Storage
  • Making Water Safe for Drinking and Cooking
  • Water Filters
  • Solar Pasteurisation
  • Building Toilets
  • Wash Your Hands
  • Making Soap
  • Water Hyacinth

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