PACE supports conservation and sustainability education, providing ideas, information and training for teachers and learners across Africa. 

Today, perhaps more than ever before, Africa’s natural heritage – this incredible, sustainable resource for our and future generations – is gravely threatened.

This is why Tusk’s PACE programme is so vital, educating local people to create a sustainable life balance with the wonders of Africa’s nature. Already, it has made a real difference. Going into the future, it represents one of the most powerful tools to strengthen communities, combat poaching and save what is irreplaceable.”

HRH The Duke of Cambridge, KG, KT Royal Patron, Tusk


Find out more about the difference PACE is making across Africa, and the many different and innovative ways that PACE resources are being used and interpreted to protect wildlife and the environment.

About PACE

PACE was created by Tusk and Siren Conservation Education. The principle behind PACE is to show that everything in our environment is linked and that if we look after our environment then the wildlife and other people we share the planet with will all benefit.

PACE Packs

Central to the PACE programme is a set of multi-media educational materials focused on environmental issues and the challenges faced by poorer people, including those living with wildlife as they go about their daily lives, all across Africa.