Despite constraints of the past two years, Emmanuel Stephens Lekundayo’s Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organization, in Tanzania, have not just maintained their conservation education work but been able to support new schools – getting relevant conservation education materials to 550 new learners in 19 schools.  LCMO work with communities around Katavi National Park in western Tanzania. Every week they run a session in each of their schools, and we’re so pleased to learn how much PACE conservation educational materials are helping them, helping them to train very serious young conservationists.

“PACE resources are used hugely in our school education program. Most of the content we’ve taught in schools has been from PACE books, during our indoor and outdoor learning, but mostly during indoor class sessions. Students sometimes request topics such as forestry, water, pollution, and our reference is the Africa our Home books! We have used the Careers in Conservation booklets for the final year students, to help them understand careers they can take part in. We also have the Energy and climate change booklets and use them on our programs. We have seen the impact especially on our greening campaign.”

LCMO received a consignment of PACE materials in August 2019.  By January 2020 Emmanuel told us that the clubs had learned about composting, mulching and setting up tree nurseries and were nursing seedlings, using compost they produced. One of their 2020 nurseries is pictured below, you can read about it here

“We have so many tall trees and are still planting more and more. We have adopted planting of Gliricidia sepium and in this season (from December 2020 to date) we have already planted 10,435 trees and still planting more. This month is dedicated to tree planting, you can see the kids excitement about their trees in the photo (above). Our target is to reach 30K trees by April, the end of this wet season. We focus kids on not just planting, but looking after the trees, and take pre and post photos to measure the change.

Read more about the work of  LCMO here.