Living by the Ocean

This topic is about finding ways to use and protect our oceans so they can provide for our needs and the needs of our future generations.

40% of Africa’s people make their living from the sea, predominantly from fishing. We use products like sand and mangrove wood for building, and we use the sea itself to transport goods and people from place to place along the coast.

If you sailed the whole of Africa’s 18,950mile coastline, you would visit 33 countries. Because the ocean has no boundaries, nothing can be done without consequences for the whole. Pollution is building up, as oil, plastic and sewage are dumped from boats, cities and factories. On our blue planet, it can seem as though the bounty of the oceans is endless, but over-fishing and by-catch are also threatening marine resources.

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Living by the Ocean

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Living by the Ocean – Index of Resources

Topic Content

  • Wildlife Wonders of the Sea
  • The Sea is One
  • Mangroves
  • Threats to the ocean’s riches
  • It’s a numbers game: Sustainable Fishing
  • Destructive fishing techniques
  • Common resources need cooperation
  • Save our seas
  • Activity

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