Garoua Wildlife College / Ecole de Faune, Garoua – is a west and central Africa regional centre for wildlife and protected area management training. Located in the Sahel of north Cameroon the college draws students from across the region.They specialize in technical and vocational training of professionals in charge of conservation, wildlife management and protected areas in tropical Africa.

The college is desperately aware that human activities, especially habitat encroachment and unsustainable use of resources is a major threat to wildlife across Africa.  Education, in schools, workplaces and communities is seen as a priority if the needs and development of human populations are to be reconciled with wildlife and habitat protection – all students at Ecole de Faune Garoua take conservation education courses.

We’re pleased to be able to support them, and that the college continues to choose PACE materials for their programmes.  It is  a credit to the trainers at Garoua that we see their graduates apply their learning and submit regular requests for PACE materials to use in their workplaces many years after they have completed at the college – recently from DRC, CAR, and Chad as well as Cameroon. Current students received training on the use of PACE last week. Teachers and students commented on the PACE materials relevance and usability.
















Huge thanks to TUSK for making this possible and to staff at Garoua for their commitment and hard work in the name of conservation.