PACE – Energy and Climate Change. We all depend on energy, yet despite the many potential energy sources in Africa, fuel scarcity and high prices are increasing problems. The PACE energy module helps people address these issues by looking at how to better manage existing available energy sources and explaining simply, some of the alternative, sustainable sources. Energy and Climate Change are inextricably linked, and climate change is already impacting on the everyday lives of human (and wildlife) communities across Africa. This is why we have produced the new PACE Energy & Climate Change supplement. It explains, simply, what climate change is and why it is happening. It discusses the effects and what we can do to manage and reduce the negative impacts of climate change, with examples and case studies from west, central, east and southern Africa illustrating succesful solutions, that are working for people on the ground, at their local levels. Members of the environment club in PSS Mfou, central Cameroon were super excited to receive sets of the new PACE materials – we were somewhat humbled by their knowledge of these issues, and impressed that their excitement was over how they would use the banners to educate the rest of their school, and as importantly the parents on visiting day!