It’s fantastic to hear the impressions of our young people as they meet and chat between continents as part of our Next Generation summer programme.

From Uganda –
” I learnt that the whole world is fighting against climate change together, because I’d thought we were the only ones doing it.”
“I have learnt that Uganda has wildlife more than the UK has, as I’ve been told that they have no mountain gorillas there.”
“I have also learned that an idea shared from one country to another can be helpful. For him, he told me that he’s keeping poultry at home (in the UK) , which I am also going to plan to find a start up of one chicken during this holiday.”
“It’s interesting that they are doing recycling in their school, just as we are recycling papers here, as we have learned to do in our club.”
Above all perhaps …..  “I will never again fear talking to someone from abroad, because I had a fear that I would not understand all that she said because English is not my mother tounge. Please keep connecting us, so we can make more friends.”
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