This topic explores the importance of forests and trees and how they can be sustainably managed to benefit people, wildlife and the planet in general.

African forests have some of the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet and are part of the planet’s life support system. They feed the rain, clean the air, protect the soil, and keep our water supplies stable. Because trees absorb carbon dioxide, forests also help guard against climate change.

Trees serve wildlife providing homes and food for masses of insects, birds and animals, and binding, feeding and shading the soil so that other plants can live on the forest floor. Countless trees are well-known for their use to people. Trees give us timber, firewood, charcoal, food and medicines. Despite our dependence on trees, their loss is one of the biggest problems facing Africa today.

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Topic Content

  • What do Trees give us?
  • Africa’s Amazing Plant Diversity
  • Trees: Cleaning, Watering,
  • Filtering the World
  • The Mopane Miracle
  • Eaten away: Threats to the forest
  • Imagine a world without trees
  • What can be done?
  • Good Woods: Sustainable Carving
  • Plant your own tree
  • Activities

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