Vultures are awesome birds. They are majestic, amusing, vulnerable, and yet sadly, are much misunderstood.

Most of us know very little about vultures, and though we don’t realise, much of what we do know tends to be myth and speculation. That’s why we teamed up with VulPro in South Africa to produce a new resource. It’s designed for school and community use, is available in print and digital, in English and Portuguese. We are also running interactive on-line sessions for schools and community groups to allow people to see vultures close up, learn about different species and talk to vulture experts.

Quick quiz.
1. Do you know the collective nouns for vultures?
2. What is a vulture’s lifespan in the wild?
3. How many eggs do most African vultures lay per year?
4. True, or false – Vultures can weigh up to 14 kg.
5. True or false? – Vultures can have a wingspan of nearly 3 m.
6. True or false – There are just three species of vulture in Africa.

You can find the answers in the book below…



A Portuguese edition can be downloaded here and the English edition here.

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