If so, you may get some ideas on how to solve it from the Shela Environmental Residents Group (SERG) in Kenya. Over just a few years the village worked together to transform their beaches, streets and public spaces, from somewhere that people tolerated and suffered into a clean, bright, healthy and happy place that they are proud of and visitors admire.

The Shela Environmental Residents Group worked with Lamu Marine Conservation Trust (LaMCoT) and Africa Underwater to create a new educational film documenting their story. It is an inspiration, and full of ideas that can help you solve your own, local waste management challenges.

It is a short film, just 7 minutes long, in which SERG members explain the solid waste problems their village was suffering, the project they created, challenges they faced along the way and how they solved these, and how the village, visitors and the environment are benefiting.    You can watch below.

The film is available with Swahili, English or French subtitles.