lady at desk

Conservation depends on people with all manner of backgrounds, skills and interests. Take Ivy, TUSK’s Programmes Coordinator. Ivy grew up in Kenya’s Rift Valley region and studied Business and IT in Nairobi – “I was an intern at an advertising agency. I saw an advertisement for a job at a Conservancy and it seemed like an interesting opportunity, so I took the leap without having any experience in the field! Luckily, it paid off.  I’ve now had four different employers in the conservation sector, and enjoyed them all. My jobs have included marketing assistant, marketing coordinator, and communications officer.”  Currently most of Ivy’s work is in an office, her role includes organising events, writing and collecting stories for on-line platforms, organising trips for film crews and liaising with projects all across Africa.  She enjoys meeting and dealing with a wide range of people from different countries and lists some of her best memories from working in conservation as helping to build a social media platform that taught people around the world about special wildlife like the world’s last northern white rhinos.  She’s also enjoyed helping to organise fun events like the Lewa Safari Marathon and the TUSK awards that recognises the work of people conserving endangered animals across Africa.

Wildlife Conservation is a growing and an exciting sector, across Africa, drawing on an extraordinary range of professions.

Whatever your skills and talents are, you can use them to help protect wildlife and its habitats.

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