In December we sent PACE resources to Di Drummond, who supports the local school, Chiswene Primary, near her home in Zimbabwe’s low veld.

It was only last month that Di’s team were able to access the school.  They had to wait until the water level in a large river dropped low enough to permit crossing.

“Two of our interns, and game scouts took the walk across to the school, and held the first club meeting with Grade 5 & 6 children on 8th March.”

“I hope that this is a date that will be the beginning of great things to come ! 

We are using the PACE books, and they started yesterday. 

We will get the practicals going in due course.” 

The students were excited, by their new books and opportunities they have seen inside. Learning about soil is a first topic on their PACE curriculum –

soil, vegetables and setting up nutritional gardens!

Thank you Di for all you do, and thank you to all our sponsors, for supporting PACE.


Ecobuddies club of children