cultivated mushroom harvest

PACE (Pan African Conservation Education) shares environmental success stories, practical ways in which people are addressing their common environmental problems.

The PACE pack is a set of multi-media educational materials about issues confronting people as they lead their lives across Africa. The Action sheets provide practical information to help people to put solutions into practice.

Our next, new Action sheet is about Mushroom Cultivation. It was written by FOREP – Forests, Resources and People, a group in Limbe, Cameroon that learnt how to cultivate mushrooms, found success and have gone on to provide training to others.  It will open your eyes to the possibility of growing mushrooms, what is involved, the benefits, and issues to be aware of.

Edible mushrooms are nutritious and a valuable source of income. They can be cultivated in small spaces, even in urban areas. The Action sheet describes the materials needed and the process used to set up an oyster mushroom ‘farm’ or cultivation house – from the beginning right through to harvesting. It is clearly illustrated and includes information on alternatives for a range of climates and conditions.