“For long, children have been told tales woven from the natural world’s ‘behaviours and occurrences’ and spun into stories that have life skills at their core. Most of these stories gave African children a glimpse into their cultures, their history and most important of all, how to live and interact with nature.

It is with no doubt that ‘Africa, our Home’ will do the same for young bright minds across Africa. It will transport children from landscapes and places they know to new and different places. As a learning tool it will expand their knowledge of how to interact with nature and allow them to explore their continent through compelling, well-structured illustrations and examples.

By showcasing conservation best practices across the continent, this book will broaden the horizons of Africa’s future generations and give them the opportunity to immerse themselves into their natural heritage. It will inspire them early on to look for ways in which they can help conserve and sustain healthy environments, and how they can play a role in creating a future where they can lean on and learn from wildlife and nature in positive ways.”

The foreward to our new, 2021 edition of ‘Africa our Home’.

Huge thanks to DHL, our logistics sponsor, who have already delivered hard copies to our partners in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, DRC and Gambia – ready for teacher training this month, and for students to use when schools resume.