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PACE is about sharing environmental success stories, sharing solutions to common problems between communities across Africa. Our multi-media educational materials – the PACE pack – are central to this. Until recently the PACE pack included a DVD and a CD. The DVD contained the PACE films.  The films show people from across the continent who have found simple ways to make life easier and better for themselves and for the wildlife they live alongside.  The CD contained our Action Sheets.  The Action sheets provide information for people who want to put the solutions in the films into practice, to carry out hands on environmental projects for themselves. They explain how to do things and where to get more information. There are a total of eighty, on topics that concern people’s daily lives all across Africa – from Conservation Agriculture, Making Compost, Monitoring and Preventing Human Wildlife Conflict, to Planting trees, Building latrines, Making Water safe to drink, Recycling waste and Making Soap.  The full list is on the PACE Pack pages, where you can also view and download some examples.

Our CD and DVD has now been replaced by a usb memory stick.  This contains an introduction to PACE, the latest Educator’s guide, 32 films and 80 Action sheets.

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