http://www.greenerimpact.orghttp://www.greenerimpact.orghttp://www.greenerimpact.orghttp://www.greenimpact.orghttp://www.greenerimpact.orghttp://www.greenerimpact.orghttp://www.greenerimpact.orgOur partner Green Impact International has been working with the Environmental Protection Agency to promote integration of environmental education into teaching and learning in Ghana’s schools.  We are pleased that they chose the PACE pack as one of their resources to help teachers integrate topics such as climate change, waste management and sustainable energy.

Teachers are trained on use of the PACE package, and how it can be used to support environmental education and basic education in school situations.  Many teachers are not aware of what they can or should do to address problems such as climate change and environmental degradation, yet alone how it fits in their regular classroom teaching.

Workshops, like the first pilot in May last year (pictured above) inform teachers of the important role they have in reducing climate change and its impact.

Participating schools each receive a set of PACE resources which contain practical solutions that can be used at school and community level, as well as basic reference information.

Sixty teachers from schools in Amasaman Municipality attended the workshop illustrated above, in which heads of the EPA Energy Resources and Climate Change, and Technical Departments addressed teachers along with trainers from Greener Impact International.

Thanks to Hussein Kassim for feedback on this work, and to TUSK for supporting the PACE project.