PACE activity at Sebakwe, in the Midlands of Zimbabwe.

On Thursday 22 November, our 3 rhino schools competed in a Quiz – it was held at Sebakwe Conservation and Education Centre, a quiz with eight sections – Water, Wildlife, Soils, Health, Sustainable Practice, Energy, Forests, and General Knowledge.

The Primary school competition had 2 teams per school in Grade 4, 5 and 6 which totaled in 36 students participating. The high school had 2 teams each in Form 1, 2 and 3 and had a total of 18 students. The rest of the students from all 3 schools also came to support their teams.

Tagwireyi Primary school came first and the Form 2 classes came first in the secondary school application. It was an exciting learning day, and those who demonstrated evidence of reading and researching were able to win prizes for themselves and the schools.

It was quite competitive and the teachers requested another competition. They are already looking forward to what the PACE program will have in store for them during the first term of 2019. Last term, focus was on Forests and Energy as we did the Essay Competition, this term, focus was on the quiz, we will plan more activities to engage them next term.

A prize for all the learners as we close the year is a trip to Sebakwe Recreational Park. During the quiz which had over 200 learners present, I did ask how many have had the opportunity to visit the Park which is just adjacent to the villages were they stay. Though shocking, it’s not surprising that only 7 people (including the teachers) have ever been in the Park. We will be arranging trips for selected students from each of the schools, along with 2 teachers and a parent to accompany the learners. Involving the parents in such an activity, also gives them an opportunity that they most likely have never had, as most cannot afford the luxury of visiting the park, or the entrance fees that will need to be paid.

Again, this is an indirect way of getting the community participation and support in the message that we try to spread for conservation of our resources.

Our day ended with refreshments and the learners were grateful for a treat.


Huge thanks to Palloma Pachiti-Mutemi for keeping us informed of activities at Sebakwe.