IMPEQ (International Master Program on Educational Quality for developing countries) is a special Masters program organized by the Unversity of Bamberg – Germany, co-hosted by the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences (PIASS) in Butare – Rwanda. It is a two year program sponsored by Bread for The World (BROT) and the German development fund, provided for experienced educators from BROT partner organisations that are in various ways improving education quality in their respective countries across Africa. Currently there are twenty three IMPEQ students from eight countries, including Mr Banboye Frederick, who has been a PACE practitioner in Cameroon for many years. We were very pleased that Fred wanted to share PACE with some of his fellow IMPEQ scholars and chose to use a couple of precious hours in Butare last week to explain PACE, the resources, his experiences using it over nearly eight years and to discuss how it may be useful in their own home contexts.  They are all dealing with large numbers of schools, responsible for improving teaching and learning techniques and content, access to education, participation and inclusiveness. Encouraging that they said they saw value for PACE in routine classroom teaching, to support practical projects in school environments and in one case to help work developing a national education strategy for climate change. We look forward to supporting and sharing experiences and wisdom from these new members of the PACE network.

educator informal meeting