Over recent weeks much of the discussion amongst PACE educators, and there’s been a lot,  has focused on their concern to be informed about Corona virus and COVID-19. As community leaders and educators they are anxious to understand, to have correct facts, to know how to prepare, how to protect, how to respond when people are unwell and how best to advise those around them. They are aware that many people have limited access to information, and don’t know how to judge what is reliable and what is rumor.

We are all clear that the World Health Organisation, for those who have internet, and local public health authorities should be the first source of advice. The WHO provides simple, regularly updated, scientifically based information for the public. Having said that, we were thrilled yesterday to see a fantastic, well informed set of Corona virus resources produced for young people in Botswana and Southern Africa by TUSK partner ‘Coaching for Conservation’.

C4C is an environmental education programme that promotes the connection of all living things. It encourages children to: Respect Yourself, Respect Each Other and Respect Your Environment.   “We are all connected, the COVID-19 outbreak reinforces that – the disease is a result of the illegal global wildlife trade, and it is now spreading across the globe, indiscriminately.  We must respect and protect ourselves, each other and the environment.”

You can download C4C resources here –  A Corona virus Survival Kit for the Family explains what corona virus is and how it started, the symptoms, how it is spread and who is most vulnerable. Explains how we might be affected and practical things we can do to protect ourselves and each other.  There are fun activities to entertain kids during lockdown and quizzes to check that we are up to speed!  Protective masks – how to make an effective mask and how they work

Protective masks poster in Setswana, Corona virus survival kit in Setswana.


We must respect and protect ourselves, each other and the environment – www.coachingforconservation.org