DHL collecting educational materialsHuge thanks to DHL for their ongoing support getting PACE educational materials to hardworking teachers and conservation projects across Africa – nearly 90kg of PACE packs were delivered to partners in Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe in the last week.

Laure Diffomene, one of the recipients in Cameroon works with UNAFAS and the EEC, she is a geography teacher in the western highlands of Cameroon. Laure is based in Nkongsamba, at the foot of the volcanic Mount Manengouba. Rainforest on the mountain is incredibly biodiverse, home to rich and diverse bird, animal and plant life – including the Goliath frog, the rare and threatened Drill, orchids, coffee and other only recently discoved plant species. Natural habitats around and on the mountain are under constant threat from farmers felling forest to exploit the fertile soil. 

This year Laure has set up a demonstration farm using Conservation Agriculture, and uses it to teach her students, other teachers and commuity members techniques to sustainably improve the output of their farms, reducing the need to clear virgin forest.  Laure is using the PACE action sheets on Conservation Agriculture, Composting, Mulching, Green Manure, Natural Pest and Disease Control, Tree planting and others. She’s found the new PACE KIT useful, as well as the PACE films from Soil and Forest modules. Huge thanks to DHL for getting new materials out to her.

Samples of our resource materials can be downloaded, for full packs apply to