Wildlife Action Group Malawi is a non-profit organization that works with local communities and the Malawian Government to protect wild areas and the wildlife that live there. They are directly responsible for two forest reserves, Thuma and Dedza Salima Escarpment in central Malawi. The reserves total over 520 km2 , and are key water catchments and rich in biodiversity.  The WAG education team visit primary and secondary schools around the reserves on a regular monthly basis: they are improving school infrastructure, provide reading materials, and extra-curricular environmental activities – reaching nearly 11,000 young people (and their teachers and families).

We’ve provided PACE materials and are pleased that these are a help to the WAG team, and above all to learners in the local schools.  Lynn Clifford the coordinator shared that  “the writing of poems has come from PACE, and this one in particular is really good.”   It really shows how the children are learning, building language skills, and realising the implications of poaching, on people as well as animals!


Had I known I could not join a group of poachers

I have been entering in the protected forest

To kill different wildlife that it became my habit

But I never know what will come

Now I am in jail

Because rangers they caught me

As I was poaching

So my family now suffer as I am not there

And now I have become a blood donor

Donating my blood to lice, bedbugs and mosquitoes

Had I known I could not have joined a group of poachers

I had so many friends outside

But now, no one’s come

Indeed, I was technical in the know how to penetrating the forest

But now nothing

But now I know that secret under the earth

And what goes around comes around

Had I known I could not join a group of poachers


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