PACE is proud to be assisting the Ecological Custodians Foundation in south western Zimbabwe. Di Drummond, with help from volunteers and interns has been assisting local schools for years, including Jopempe, Mlelezi and Chiswene schools.   We ‘re very pleased that PACE materials they received this year have been helpful – providing content, ideas for activities and reading material as ECF started establishing and getting Eco clubs up and running in the area.   ECF ran a first weekend camp for the club members recently – we were told that “books were not the order of the day, it was in bush, use of the senses ! And the children so enjoyed that they requested a 5 day camp next time, so may have to do that in their school holiday’s ! “


The latest cohort of interns , who help make the projects work, are pictured below – taking a sugarcane break on the 9 km round trip trek they had to undertake in order to reach the closest school!