Back in March our new Tusk CEO Nick Bubb was in Uganda with Conservation Through Public Health.  He saw the amazing work CTPH are doing for Mountain gorilla conservation in Bwindi National Park, and their achievements improving the well-being and opportunities for rural communities living close to the protected area.  While local people appreciate the benefits CTPH, the gorillas and gorilla tourism have brought, it’s a remote mountainous area, and life is still not easy.   Especially in some of the remoter schools, facilities are quite basic and effective teaching materials very sparse. We were thrilled that teachers felt the PACE materials could help them, to build on CTPHs education activities with school clubs, and to support their routine curriculum teaching.  We’re pretty sure that adults will be using a lot of the content as well….

Last month DHL, our logistics sponsor, provided their usual amazing service delivering a first consignment of  PACE text books, and more are already on their way this week.   Huge thanks to Tusk suppporters for enabling us to create and print these materials. In due course we hope to help digitise the classrooms in Bujengwe and neighbouring schools, so they can access PACE and much more, digitally.     All our materials: films, the reader, booklets and action sheets, are available free of charge on the website here , for now the Bwindi schools are just lacking devices and airtime, but that can be resolved with time and support.


We look forward to hearing from the Bujengwe children once they’ve had time to work through their new books – what they’ve learned, and which practical projects they choose to implement!