Early in June we wrote about the Family Farm Schools in Cameroon and their interest in PACE solutions*.   The Family Farm Schools are located in the grasslands of Cameroon’s North West Region. They are run by the Diocese of Kumbo and provide secondary level technical education, with a focus on agricultural knowledge and skills that will enable local youths to improve their standards of living.

The Diocese and their partners IECD recently organised a week long course on Agro-ecology for twelve of their teachers.  We are so pleased that Banboye Fred was chosen to design and facilitate the training and that they opted to use PACE Action Sheets as teaching aids, for both theory and practical aspects of the course.

Banboye has worked with the school as PACE Champion for some time, so it is fantastic that they decided to take the ideas he has introduced to a next stage and have shown commitment to conservation farming by investing their own resources in teacher training.

Teachers above learning how to make a simple Biogas demonstration.

The PACE references sheets selected were on SOIL, ENERGY and URBAN LIVING topics. These and many others can be downloaded free of charge from our website by selecting the highlighted links below.

# 30   Conservation agriculture

# 31   Practical composting

# 33   Natural pest and disease control

# 34   Mulching

# 39   Green manure /cover crops

#66 Biogas

# 78 Permaculture

You can read previous news about the farm schools here.

With thanks to TUSK and their sponsors for the continued believe in and support to Conservation Education.