Faidherbia picThe Faidherbia albida action sheet is now available in french.   Faidherbia albida, the white thorn or White acacia, is a tree well known to people in most arid and semi-arid parts of Africa. It characterises many landscapes and is much valued. The seeds and leaves are an important food for domestic and wild animals. It fertilises the soil, protects against the harsh sun and grows where many other species can not survive. But it is becoming scarcer in many places, natural regeneration is not keeping up with the pressures of more people, more grazing, and changing climate.

It is an ideal multi-purpose agro-forestry species, perfect for planting in the Sahel and sub-Sahelian areas.

The new Action sheet / A vous d’agir #89 explains how to grow Faidherbia albida, from cuttings and from seed.  A useful guide for school or community projects, to set up living fences, shade or fodder banks!

More information from pace@tusk.org