Primary schools reopened four weeks ago.  Teachers have had time to catch up, get a routine in place and, importantly, to re-launch the pupils extra-curricular Conservation education.

Palloma Pachiti (in yellow) is manager of Sebakwe Conservation Education Centre in the Midlands of Zimbabwe.  She’s excited to be revisiting schools that received face masks and help setting up Tippy Taps in January.

Inside Palloma’s wider programme with the kids she’s introducing them to the idea of using ‘nudges’  – ways to prompt, remind and ensure that learning, in this case hand washing and basic hygiene practices, keep being used and become routine!  The children have been tasked to come up with environmental nudges they can use around school – posters, reminders chalked on walls, ways of positioning and guiding people to handwashing stations, waste bins and so on.

Palloma’s outreach has extended an additional level, by including the Conservation Education Department of Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority.  By including ZimPark officers in school visits Palloma’s  hoping to grow the breadth and depth of our learning communities.

It’s so good to see kids back in school, excited and anxious to learn again.