Our new PACE Action sheet explains how, at community or household level, people can take advantage of the benefits Biochar can bring to their daily lives.   Simple, low or no cost artisanal methods to improve lives, livelihoods, and the environment – locally and globally.

It was written with Graeme Boyd-Moss, inspired by experience on his parents small holding in north western Kenya. Biochar has been integral to life at Spencer’s Farm for nearly 20 years. It has ensured that they have clean, safe drinking water, free from impurities and good to drink, at no cost. Biochar has also meant that collecting heavy firewood and chopping wood for cooking in homes on the estate has been eliminated. Biochar has resulted in kitchens being cleaner and healthier because their simple, homemade biochar stoves produce little smoke.  The waste from the stoves (pictured) is used as a soil improver to raise the fertility and productivity of people’s fields and home gardens.

Download the action sheet to learn more, including how to put the ideas into practice and where to find more information.