ICT and the international connectivity it offers, have become increasingly important in today’s digital and global world.  Technology, and providing the knowledge, skills, equipment and infrastructure to use it are essential if we are to empower rural communities and especially the young people living close to wildlife.  However, it’s also important that we don’t lose sight of hands-on, outdoor, practical activities, that help children build the even wider range of skills and competencies they need to address their current and future daily needs and challenges.   We’ve been thrilled to see the impact of a simple donation of garden tools to one school in Kenya. As well as kids clearly enjoying working in and the outputs of their school garden – restful environment, mental health, great food, sustainability skills – the environment club at Lokuseru Primary School made such a difference to their school campus that they impressed a funder to help them develop their grounds even more.  They now have modern shade netting for their organic garden, thanks to the impressive gardens they created themselves.   In addition, Lewa education department has been so impressed by the learning outcomes that they are empowering other schools through similar support –  providing basic school gardening  tools (hose pipe,  panga, shovel, spade, fork jembe, 200-liter drums for brewing organic tea, watering cans).  Simple, low cost support that fosters local ownership and promotes sustainable, responsible  practices.