The latest PACE resource, co-produced with VulPro and the Southern Africa Wildlife College, celebrates the work of young conservationists in clubs we partnered with last year.  We were thrilled and inspired by the artwork they shared with us: poems, stories, anecdotes, drawings and painting, sent by students and their teachers, some from VulCha and other school clubs, some from kids who’d made school excursions or just had a class on wildlife.  The creativity is inspiring, the insight, understanding and compassion is touching, what talent these clubs are building!

The first part of the book showcases a selection of those poems, drawings, recollections and observations, from different parts of Kenya and South Africa. The second part is empty, for students to fill with their own work.  We hope it will encourage others to use art in conservation education, and equally encourage teachers to use conservation and nature as subject matter in your art, language and communication lessons!   Some excerpts below.

Book cover -with child's drawing

vulture drawings and anecdotes

childrens vulture poetry & drawing