Waste management is a problem commonly faced by communities across Africa. Poor waste management impacts on people’s health and their well-being, it disrupts ecosystems, and is harmful to wildlife. People know this, but often don’t know what they can do as individuals, to solve the problems.

We are very proud to have worked with Lamu Marine Conservation Trust, a long-standing Tusk partner, and Africa Underwater. Together they created a new short film documenting a local waste management success story they are very close to on Lamu Island, northern Kenya.   In the seven minute film Shela Environmental Residents Group explain the solid waste problems their village was suffering, and how they solved these. They describe some of the challenges they have faced on their journey to success, and how they dealt with them. To encourage others, they show us the pride people now have in their village, the sustainability, benefits people are enjoying and the benefits to their environment.

The short clip below is an introduction. We will soon be adding the new film to the PACE pack on-line and hope it will inform and inspire communities elsewhere to understand and know how to address their own similar problems. Available with Swahili, French, or English subtitles.

The picture below shows what they have achieved.  Fantastic work by Shela Environmental Residents Group.

Credit to Lamu Marine Conservation Trust and Africa Underwater  for producing the film.


Clean street, Shela, Kenya