St Pauls sch with UWEC

The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre provide visits, workshops and outreach for schools and communities in the Entebbe area, and from further afield.  We are thrilled that access to PACE resources has enabled them to increase their impact. Richard Otiti, Conservation Educator at UWEC, has been organising seminars to help communities live peacefully alongside their wildlife neighbours.

“Lugasa School for example neighbours Mabira Forest Reserve. The communities where the school is located are currently struggling with Vervet monkeys.  The monkeys destroy crops.  Despite the learners’ adoration for the monkeys, there is a very real conflict.   The PACE video on how communities in Tanzania overcame similar conflict with their Baboon population was a very helpful resource to guide and inspire the school, giving them ideas on how they can resolve their Vervet Monkey problem. Eighty seven students and four teachers came to the session.”

“We also recently conducted a workshop at the Uganda Museum. One hundred and fifty students participated, from St. Paul Senior Secondary School in Lweza-Wakiso District. They came with seven of their teachers, to learn about setting up a school wildlife club, how to manage a club and potential activities they can undertake to conserve their own wildlife areas.  The club patrons and executive committees are setting things up to start in the new year, their activities are going to rely a lot on the PACE resources provided.”

“The use of these PACE materials is unlimited. We are continuously discovering more opportunities on how we can use them.”