People need sustainable energy. This module looks at healthy options for household energy, not only for people, but for the planet.

Africa has a vast range of energy sources but despite this potential, the continent consumes the least energy per person in the world. Currently, over sixty percent of households in Africa burn biomass fuels, like wood, crop residue, charcoal and dung every day. The smoke produced from these fuels can be very dangerous and causes 600,000 deaths per year in Africa.

Of all the biomass fuels, wood is the most sought-after. As the number of trees dwindles rapidly, people have to travel greater distances to collect wood. Women often provide much of the human energy in families and when trees are few and far between, they have to carry heavy loads of fuel wood long distances every day. Encouraging fuel-efficient stoves to reduce the burning of biomass fuels, and supporting alternative, renewable sources of energy are vital for the future, for both rural communities and the environment.


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