Mokolodi education centre recently engaged visiting students from Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN) to help develop their walled garden as a teaching and learning facility for visiting school groups.

The students from BUAN environmental education club joined a food security discussion and then a practical session, pictured above on Saturday 27th January when they worked alongside Mokolodi’s education team to clear and prepare the Centre’s walled garden, previously a permaculture site, so that it can be used by younger learners visiting Mokolodi on educational trips.

The idea is to share and develop skills that are necessary for children to produce their own food at home in their backyard gardens. This will help address food security issues and thereby improve livelihoods and reduce encroachment onto wildlife rangelands.

From experieince we know that the garden walls have not always kept out marouding baboons and look forward to learning how this particular and so very common ‘human – wildlife’ challenge will be addressed.