Rhino School activities for November & December.

For the whole third term, we are continuing with topics related to trees. This is a build up to the National Tree planting Day which is held every first Saturday of December. I plan to buy tree seedlings to give to the participating schools. One of the schools already has an orchard and have said that a donation of fruit tree seedlings will be most welcome.

Excursions into the Conservancy for local kids, parents & teachers.
As prizes for those who won the Essay competition, selected groups of learners from the schools will be visiting the Sebakwe Recreation Park for a day visit. It is a sad fact that there are many members of these communities who live right next to the Park and have never been inside. This is an opportunity that I know even parents to the children will appreciate. It is so important to reach out to and include parents, even indirectly, through choosing activities for children that we know the parents will identify with.

In November a day visit to the Park will be organized for parents, teachers and students who are Environmental Club members.  We’ll also do an environmental quiz, with the main source books being the PACE material. This will help teachers to revise with their Africa Our Home copies as they have said how they always need their classes to be well-prepared.

An exciting last few weeks of the year indeed. I am happy with the progress that we are making, though as I have learned, we need to keep supporting the learning process through constant interaction with the schools, giving them activities, teaching them as well as keeping them motivated.


Thanks to Palloma Pachiti-Mutemi,

Sebakwe Conservation Education Centre.